Solutions for Quality, Engineering, Maintenance, and Management Groups

Quality System Consultation/ISO Registration

Utilizing a principle-based system enables your business to build a strong foundation from which your quality program can grow and adapt to the ever changing market conditions and needs. Learn More

Business Process Solutions

Develop business processes with the target of enhancing productivity and profitability through Project/Program Management, Technical Writing, Business Development, Enterprise Solutions and Customized Training.
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Engineering Services

E&M Design Solutions provides electronic and manual solutions to Engineering and Maintenance groups within the Manufacturing Industries. Our engineering services ensure our clients projects are completed efficiently and effectively from concept to completion.  We streamline the process that gets you there. Learn More


Quality, Business Development and Training Specialists

E&M Design Solutions is the leading quality, business development and training specialty company in West Michigan with years of combined expertise in internal auditing, audit preparation, process development, business consulting and customized training.  Our experts work on a project by project basis to ensure that your needs are fulfilled and meet all requirements.

Quality Systems Consultation
Will provide a full range of quality system consultation, including process development, internal auditing and gap analysis.  Our flexible, tailored approach meshes with each client we serve in the various manufacturing industries.  We have an exceptional commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction.

Customized Training
Will provide customized training across many different departmental systems.  We provide a variety of topics in quality, engineering and management to suit our clients needs.  Our interactive trainings keep attendees engaged throughout the course and exercises can be tailored to the client.

Business Development
Will provide business development services by module to help small to medium size business owners streamline and grow their business based on their values and expectations.  Our development program, Purposeful Business, was created to aid others in eliminating the chaos and fire-fighting from daily life and allow owners time to enjoy their efforts. 
Our expert consulting team understands the pains of operating a business and will work with owners to identify opportunities for change while navigating through each of the modules.