engineering management services

EMDS provides a breadth of manufacturing-focused engineering management service and maintenance support components that fit your company needs efficiently and cost effectively. Our experience surpasses other construction project management companies as we’ve managed both construction- and manufacturing-related engineering projects of all sizes and scopes. Choosing our team results in a seamless integration with your staff to ensure a successful partnership and optimal project completion.

engineering management service with team around a table working with blueprints and engineering toolsManufacturing Project Management

EMDS delivers projects on time and on budget. Our experienced team knows what it takes to get a project from concept to completion. The expertise they will add to your team includes bidding requirements, purchasing needs and contractor hiring. We support projects of all sizes and timeframes.

Manufacturing Project Management Service and Support

  • Design Support
    • Early-stage concept management, including Master Planning.
    • Facilitation of design options.
    • Coordination of engineering and design management services, including documentation and
      communication of design changes.
  • Bid Support
    • Creation of necessary bid documents, organization of bid meeting and determination of needed
      attendees. per client’s specifications.
    • Organization of bid meeting and determination of needed attendees.
    • Assistance in bid selection to assure bids are properly compared and within budget.
  • Project Execution
    • Creation and maintenance of project schedule.
    • Development and updated documentation to ensure proper training.
    • Creation of validation of systems where required.
    • Support of internal change control systems where required.
    • Engineering review to ensure it meets customer design intent / requirements.
    • Appropriate engineering support based on project needs.
    • Communication of project scope and specific requirements to team.
    • Management of engineering work to ensure timelines are met.

construction project management represented by architectural plans, project drawings, blueprint rolls and a hard hatConstruction Project Management

EMDS provides construction project management resources and expertise on your behalf, keeping your construction and manufacturing capital projects on track. Your team can receive assistance in monitoring your budget, the construction schedule, and the definition and execution of construction quality standards.  Unlike many other construction project management companies, you’ll receive on-site coordination between contractors and plant personnel, which maximizes project resource efficiencies.

Construction Project Management Service and Support

  • On-site project coordination to ensure implementation of customer design.
  • Compliance with schedule and coordination of contracted work.
  • Ensure that safety requirements are followed.
  • Ensure that quality requirements are met.
  • Monitor project budget and timeline.
  • Communication of project scope, updates and specific requirements to the team.

CAD design and management services represented by woman on laptop displaying a cad drawingCAD Management

CAD design and management services for construction and manufacturing related industries and applications include guideline and standards development, menu structures and lisp programming for process design, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, architectural, structural and utility systems design. We are associated with CAD software and hardware suppliers, including AutoCAD.

CAD Management Service and Support

  • Provide drawing control through appropriate database solutions.
  • Internally and/or externally facilitate drawing control based on customer needs.
  • Provide AutoCAD Menu macro and lisp programming.
  • Ensure engineering support can communicate in customer specific software platforms.
  • Perform field verification to As-Build drawings.
  • As-Built Drawing at completion of projects.

Equipment Testing

Safety Compliance for Equipment Testing involves precision leak testing systems for a wide variety of uses to ensure devices and components are properly sealed. EMDS’s expertise includes: Portable Electric Equipment, Steam Traps, Backflow Prevention, and Air Leak Surveys.