Business Development

EMDS offers Business Process Support options including project and program management, technical writing and procedural writing.

Business Development support options include one-on-one owner and CEO focused resources and training, as well as Operations leadership and team focused resources and training.

Business Process and Support

Having standard-operating-procedure and process documentation in place ensures the job is being done to meet your company standards and helps in getting employees up to speed and performing key tasks consistently.

EMDS has personnel with the specific skills and industry expertise to assist with project and program management as well as technical writing and operations manual creation related to the manufacturing sector.  Because we act as an extension of your team, outputs are consistent with your company formats, ensuring quicker adoption.


Business Project and Program Management -

Development of processes, programs and documentation related to engineering, quality and maintenance related procedures specific to the manufacturing sector. 

Technical and Procedural Writing -

Technical documentation including Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, Lock Out / Tag Out and Validation documentation. The breadth of our industry and technical experience allows us to quickly understand a wide range of manufacturing and operational processes.

Business Development / Purposeful Business

Our proven Purposeful Business program helps business owners and operational leaders develop skills and implement systems to gain structure, control and accountability. Our program is based on our own personal experience and belief that, with effective systems in place, business owners can successfully achieve a work / life balance. Each program is tailored to current client needs for content and delivery. 



Our owner-focused management program is designed for one-on-one engagement and conducted in person or on the phone. We help you understand who you are in relation to your business, why you are in the business, how you define and measure success, as well as skills targeted at developing strong managers and time management.

Key Elements Include:

  • Business Development Perspective
  • Life Purpose
  • Company Story
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Key Strategic Indicators
  • Problem Solving
  • Purposeful Business Manager
  • Purposeful Business Manager
  • Point of View in Action
  • Managing Your Time


We’ll help your operational leadership create a current and future organizational chart, define position responsibilities, develop operational manuals, define your processes (repeatability), develop your people and implement proper communication throughout your Operations organization.

Key Elements Include:

  • Business Systems Strategy
  • Organizational Chart
  • Business Development Meeting for Employees
  • Working Relationships
  • Controlling your Calendar System
  • Operations Manual
  • System Design and Documentation
  • Employee Development