Communication Skills

Business Development

Course Description

Communication skills helps attendees develop fundamental elements of business communication.  This course can be leveraged as an introduction or refresher for effective written and verbal communications, and focuses on core elements of strong communication.  Gain insight and ideas on how to understand people and communicate accordingly.

  • Clarity – Getting to the point in a language your audience will understand.
  • Structure – Following a simple story-telling structure of having an introduction, a middle, and an end.
  • Audience – Understanding your audience, what they need to interpret from the communication and how to deliver it in a way that they will understand.
  • Consistency – Ensuring your communications are consistent in tone, structure and language.

 Course Outcomes:

  • Basic communication skills.
  • Understanding Personality Styles. 

Course Information

Course Length: 4 Classroom Hours

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Summer Thompson Summer Thompson

Summer has a comprehensive background in project management within a manufacturing setting. Her role in the company involves the Management of Business Processes, including end-to-end project management, Departmental Management Systems, HACCP coordination, internal auditing, audit preparation, industrial services systems, and compliance.

Communication Skills Course Options

Course Delivery Schedule Cost
Virtual Classroom


1 Half-Day Session
$300 / Person
$240 / Person – 3 or more from same company.
Live Instructor

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