utilities compliance consulting

Utilities Compliance differs from Quality Consulting in that utilities compliance is targeted at helping companies meet global, federal, state, regional and local regulations and certifications related to Utilities. Yet like our Quality Consulting program, EMDS utilities consulting offers QMS implementation, including development, documentation, maintenance and monitoring. Please see that section for QMS Development Details.

Challenges in utilities compliance can be many. They include issues that range from keeping track of compliance and regulation changes, and managing large quantities of data, to meeting environmental regulations while maintaining efficiency.

  • Regulatory Complexity: Utility companies often operate in a heavily regulated environment with multiple layers of regulations from local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Changing Regulations: Regulations governing utilities can change frequently due to evolving technologies, environmental concerns, and political landscapes.
  • Data Management: Compliance often requires extensive record-keeping and data management to demonstrate adherence to regulations.
  • Resource Constraints: Compliance efforts require dedicated resources in terms of staff, time, and finances. Smaller utility companies may struggle to allocate sufficient resources to compliance activities, leading to potential non-compliance issues.
  • Technological Challenges: Implementing and maintaining compliance with regulations often requires investment in new technologies and systems. Integrating these technologies with existing infrastructure and ensuring their effectiveness can be challenging.
  • Environmental Concerns: Utilities must comply with regulations aimed at protecting the environment, such as regulations governing emissions, waste disposal, and resource conservation.

Addressing these challenges requires a proactive approach to compliance management, including robust policies, procedures, and monitoring mechanisms to ensure ongoing adherence to regulations.


Numerous standards, either from OSHA or other regulatory bodies, are required for utilities compliance. EMDS offers both consulting and employee training on several key standards:

Lock Out/Tag Out – Used to ensure that equipment is properly shut off and not able to be restarted while maintenance or servicing is being performed, thereby preventing accidents caused by unexpected energization or startup of machinery.

10/30 Safe Workplace training – Requires employers to provide either 10 or 30 hours of training to employees, covering essential occupational safety and health topics to promote a safer work environment.

Equipment testing procedures – Encompasses comprehensive protocols for assessing the performance and safety of various equipment types, including portable electric equipment, steam traps, backflow prevention devices, and conducting air leak surveys. 

OSHA hazardous work permitting – Involves obtaining authorization before engaging in specific high-risk activities to ensure compliance with safety regulations and mitigate potential hazards in the workplace.

Work instructions for safe machine operation – Provides detailed guidelines and procedures to ensure the safe and proper use of machinery, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.


The expertise of EMDS consultants in utilities consulting lies in the following areas:


A utilities consultant for steam ensures conformance to Steam and Combustion Systems compliance as it relates to mechanical integrity, combustion tuning, preventive maintenance, water treatment and the overall health of industrial boiler systems and gas fired air handling units. This program also covers your business’ licensing inspections and renewals to ensure they are completed as required per local and state regulations.


Systems designed to achieve and maintain compliance with OSHA, EPA and Corporate audits for industrial ammonia systems comprise EMDS’s refrigeration utilities consulting. In addition, we are available to monitor operations and conduct or consult on preventative maintenance.


Utilities Consulting for Compressed Air Systems is designed to achieve compliance with published ISO requirements for compressed air. These include standards covering machinery safety, pressure-equipment safety, environmental and electrical requirements.


Assisting Quality Departments and Operators with EPA, Public Water Systems and Certified Laboratory report evaluations are components covered by our water utility consultant. The program is designed to ensure compliance with World Health Organization and the Safe Drinking Water Act regulatory programs.

Contact EMDS for assistance with utilities compliance at your organization. You’ll connect with experts that work in the field on a consistent basis. You’ll also receive help in documentation requirements, permitting, and/or training on related standards. Lastly, you’ll also be taking on an invaluable partner!

OSHA Supported Standards

Include but are not limited to:

• ISO 9001
• ISO 13485
• ISO 14001 / 50001
• ISO 18000
• ISO 22000
• IATF 16949
• M 1003