Ready for What’s Next


Ready for What's Next

Ready for What’s Next

As Michigan starts to get back to work, I can’t help but liken it to going back to school in the Fall, after a long summer vacation.  Excited to see my friends again.  Not so excited about getting up early.

Getting back to work is something we’ve all been waiting for.  No one wants to worry about paying bills when you don’t have revenue coming in, and I think that most of we parents can agree, we’re not cut out for teaching.

All that aside,  getting my business ready to go back to work, based on guidelines from the State of Michigan, OSHA, World Health Organization and other agencies, required more thought that I had anticipated.  Return to Work documents, protocols, signage and notifications and cleaning our space.  Stepping back and looking at our space with the thought of keeping everyone 6-feet apart, and securing personal protection and personal hygiene resources for the team.  All before bringing the team back!

E&M Design Solutions wants our customers to feel confident in how we’re handling things in this new normal we’re navigating together – so we’re sharing highlights of actions we’ve taken and measures we’ve put into place.

Our approach can be broken down into four simple buckets:

Keeping Individuals Safe

  • Daily wellness checks
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Personal hygiene stations and guidelines
  • Positive case employee protocol

Keeping Employees Informed

  • Return to work training
  • Posters, notices and reminders
  • Ongoing communication

Maintaining Safe Working Environments

  • Creating space and separation
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Minimizing and controlling shared spaces and resources

Keeping Customers Safe

  • Customer engagement protocol
  • Your rules are our rules for wellness checking, PPE and how you want us to work within your environment.

Behind the above is a documented Return to Work Plan that includes recommended protocols and resources, a plan for conducting and documenting daily wellness checks, an updated visitor policy, and a new customer engagement policy.  We want to ensure that our team and customers are safe, so everyone can continue to work.

Getting your company ready to return to work can be a bit overwhelming.  With our compliance background and skill set, helping to craft required Return to Work Plans and protocols is (almost) second nature.  If we can help with yours, please let us know!  We are just a call or email away.

Wishing all of our customers and friends a speedy return to work!  We can’t wait to partner in the upcoming weeks.

Cheryl and Team