Shelter-In-Place Week 6. Ideas for your business and your personal life.

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Shelter-In-Place Week 6. Ideas for your business and your personal life.

Who would have ever thought that we’d be experiencing a global pandemic, let alone still sheltering-in-place after 6 weeks!   After transitioning from the initial shock of having to send employees home to work remotely, to gutting through paperwork while applying for Small Business loans, to trying to find ways to find a new work/life balance, it’s been a lot!  We’d like to say that we have it all figured out, but that would be a lie.

That being said – it feels like it’s a good time to reactivate employees and businesses for the return to work – while still having a little fun in the process.   As it is Week 6 – we’ve put together some quick bullets of 6 things we can do for you that will help reactivate your business – and 6 things to help keep you entertained as we continue to shelter-in-place.


6 Things We Can Do For You

  • Virtual Training – The time feels right to engage your teams from the comfort of home.  We have formal training options for compliance and engineering-related topics and are happy to work with you to create something more specific to your team’s needs.  If we don’t have a course, and you have a need – we’ll create one!
  • Compliance Documentation / Review – Just because compliance audits are currently on hold doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared when we return to work!   We can work with your team to conduct a virtual audit on the compliance areas you are most concerned with.  We can also help review existing documentation while things are slow to ensure you are ready to go when production returns to “normal.”
  • Technical Writing – It takes a special individual to embrace technical writing – and we have one or two.  If you’ve been putting off finishing (or starting) technical documents, including SOP’s, Lockout/Tagout, etc. we can help.  Send us what you have, lets have a phone call to ensure we understand the specifics, and we can take it from there.  Consider it finished.
  • File System Clean-Up / Organization – We take pride in organizing files and documentation systems for customers.  Let us take a crack at organizing yours and putting a system in place that makes things easier to find, and easier to maintain long-term.
  • Developing Return-to-Work Protocols – We are starting to see draft manuals for Return-to-Work protocols in manufacturing and office locations.  If you are ISO or IATF certified, it’s likely your customers will be asking if you have something similar in place.  We can help draft initial protocols that can easily be reviewed and refined as you bring your teams back.
  • Managed Curriculum – Every company has unique training and documentation requirements.   We can help create, manage and provide on-going maintenance of your company-specific learning needs.  We will create your company’s custom learning portal online.  Help brand and write curriculum and document the training progress of your employees.  You don’t need to worry about how to control, track or maintain training in-house.  Everything is at your fingertips and maintained to meet your specific requirements.


6 Things To Keep You Entertained (and sane) At Home

  • Cook – Top quarantine recipes include tomato soap, lasagna and air-fryer chicken taquitos.  Check out our Facebook page and let us know what you’re cooking!  For additional inspiration, check out
  • Play – Board games are a great way to connect your quarantine family.   Get ideas for games here.
  • WatchRotten Tomatoes just released their list of top shows to binge-watch now.  From Tiger King to Ozarks to Stranger Things.  There is something for everyone.
  • ReadBarnes & Nobel has a Top 100 list that includes business books, cook books, coloring books and best-selling books.  (We’re reading The Other Mrs. By May Kubica.)
  • Exercise – Fresh air is good for the mind and body.  Challenge yourself to walk a mile or two every day.  It will get you out of the house.  You can wave to your neighbors from an acceptable social distance, and you can work off what some are calling, “The Covid 19 (pounds.)”
  • Shop – According to, beauty products are the best selling items this week.  Hair coloring, beard trimmers and nail polish.  And, of course, toilet paper.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you with some ideas to help you and your business.  At minimum we hope we’ve made you smile.   We’ll be back with more ideas in the coming weeks – and we hope that we’re all back to a new-normal soon!

We’re all in this together, alone.

Stay home.  Stay safe.

Cheryl and Team