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2020 has been a rough year, and we could find plenty of reasons to be down.  But instead, let’s end our year by focusing on some of the good things we experienced and learned.

Our work family is just as important as our personal family.

Let’s face it – we often spend more time with our work family than our personal family.  And while the E&M Design Solutions team wasn’t together physically much of 2020, we checked in on each other to ensure everyone was okay and if they needed anything.  We pulled together to collectively ensure our customer needs were met.  We took care of each other.  Like family.

We are more resilient, and adaptable, than we knew.

If we had known that this pandemic would continue to impact our personal and professional lives nine months and counting, I don’t know if we would have tromped forward in the same way.  Nine months is a long time!  Yet here we are, having maintained some degree of momentum, and having found ways to adapt to keeping connected, meeting customer needs, and adjusting for employees balancing work, on-line learning for their littles, and dogs as co-workers.

Leaning in a little makes a big impact.

Small businesses are struggling.  Frankly, I would kill to go to a restaurant right now, sit inside and have a big burger and fries.  We’re all in this together.  We embraced that theme and found ways to lean in and give back this year.  And you can as well!  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a big impact.  Order take-out.  Purchase Christmas gifts locally.  Help with food distribution.  Volunteer.  Lean in.

We are going to be okay.

We’ve adjusted, we’ve turned things inside out and upside down.  We’re doing things in ways we never could have (had to) imagined a year ago.  And, we are confident that things will get better.  Business will come back in old and new ways.  And everything – and most everyone – is going to be okay.

In closing.  We are ending this year THANKFUL for each other, for our health, our families, our customers.   We have no idea how to plan for 2021 – but we HOPE that the New Year will bring new opportunities, open schools, businesses and restaurants, and no masks.

Happy Holidays

Cheryl and the E&M Design Solutions team