Back to School!

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Back to School!

Everyone has a course or two they took in high school where they thought, “When will I EVER use this?”  What is funny in life, is how those very courses end up being the ones you often need in your day-to-day life now that you’re a responsible adult.  Not to worry!  E&M Design Solutions has reworked our entire course offering, beginning with three of our favorites: Shop Math, Basic Blueprint Reading, and Time Management and Organizational Skills.   If you, or a member of your team is having one of those, “Oh – NOW is when I need this!” moments, our Training Library has you covered.

Shop Math

Whether you are right, or left brained, our Shop Math course provides a refresh of basic, and not-so-basic, math skills in a format that teaches the calculation and the application.  Regardless of how confident you are in your math skills when you start the course, you’ll finish feeling confident in your ability to apply these refreshed skills in your daily work.

Time Management and Organizational Skills

We all struggle with work / life balance.  Technology has improved our lives in many ways, while conversely delivering a constant stream of interruptions from email, social media.

Let us help provide some tips and tricks to effectively structure your time, so you can focus on what is most important.  We promise that, when incorporated into your home and work life, you’ll be better equipped to focus on the priorities and will feel more productive and less stressed.

No matter where you are in your career, continuous learning opportunities keep your brain active, your skills sharp, and injects fresh energy and motivation.  As a team leader, continuous learning in the workplace is just one way of ensuring your team has the skills they need to perform well.  Our training courses are uniquely designed to deliver learning in a fun, efficient way – so attendees leave feeling confident in their new or enhanced skills.  And, with multiple delivery options, including our interactive virtual classroom format, our courses complement, rather than compete with, your work / life schedule.

If none of the three featured in this month’s post catch your attention or need, check out our library of training course options.  With so many options, we are confident that at least one will catch your attention.  Current courses are featured on our home page, and many courses can be customized to meet your teams unique needs.

We will leave you with a quote from Brian Tracy we found inspiring, and relevant; “Commit yourself to lifelong learning.  The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.”

Have a great month!

Cheryl and Team.