OSHA 10 and 30 Training Certification

OSHA Certification

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OSHA 10 and 30 Training Certification

OSHA 10- and 30-hour training cards

Employers often require their employees to obtain an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 10 or 30-hour training card. Here are the details you need to know about obtaining one of these cards for either yourself or your employees.

What is an OSHA training card?

An OSHA training card indicates that you have completed an authorized training course covering OSHA regulations such as the OSHA 10 hour training or OSHA 30 hour training for general industry (or both).

Workers can obtain other types of OSHA training cards besides general industry, such as an OSHA 30 hour construction card. Not all types of OSHA training are offered by all companies, and E&M Design Solutions offers only General Industry training courses.

What does it mean to be OSHA 10 certified?

When you complete 10 hours of OSHA-authorized training on critical workplace safety topics, you receive an OSHA 10 hour general industry certification. This training is primarily intended for entry-level workers. The purpose is to make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights.

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training is appropriate for workers in fields like healthcare, warehousing, factory operations, manufacturing, and storage. Completion of OSHA 10 General Industry Training helps workers predict, prevent, identify and stop worksite hazards that commonly occur.

OSHA 30-hour general industry safety and health card

What does it mean to be OSHA 30 certified?

To meet OSHA 30 hour training requirements, you need to complete 30 hours of training in a variety of safety subjects as well as industry-specific training. OSHA 30 hour training is intended for supervisors and workers who have some safety and health responsibility.

Does OSHA require these cards?

Usually, it is the employer that requires OSHA training to keep employees safe. Regulations differ by state and by profession. Even in a state that has its own OSHA requirements, some workers (such as postal employees or aircraft cabin crew members) may be under federal OSHA jurisdiction.

Does the card need to be renewed?

OSHA regulations change on a regular basis. While renewing your card is not required, renewing your OSHA 30 hour or OSHA 10 hour training every 3-4 years helps keep the information fresh. Some states, unions, municipalities, or employers may have their own renewal requirements as well.

If you lose your card at some point, you can request a replacement card through your trainer. However, replacement student course completion cards are only available for OSHA Outreach Training Program classes that were completed within the past 5 years.

How do I obtain an OSHA 10 or 30 card?

In order to obtain an OSHA 10 hour or OSHA 30 hour training card, you need to be trained by an authorized OSHA outreach trainer. EMDS offers both in-person and interactive virtual training courses for General Industry taught by an OSHA outreach trainer.

Can I be guaranteed a job if I get an OSHA card on my own?

No, training on its own does not guarantee a job. Beware of false claims that obtaining an OSHA card can guarantee a job.

OSHA 10/30 Certification and the E&M Design Solutions Course

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Can I get OSHA certified after taking an E&M Design Solutions course?

Yes. After completing the EMDS OSHA 10/30 training course, you will take a test. Once you pass that test, you’ll receive a General Industry Trainer Card for either the 10- or 30-Hour OSHA training.

Does it matter if I take the course online or in a classroom setting?

Although fully online courses are available to obtain an OSHA card, many find that in-person courses or interactive virtual courses are more beneficial. In a classroom or an interactive virtual environment, there is more opportunity to talk about scenarios specific to your workplace, and to incorporate current real-life examples. EMDS offers your choice of in-person or interactive virtual training.

Avoid fraudulent trainers: OSHA authorized classroom trainers

Trainers are independent service providers with industry safety experience. Although OSHA authorized outreach trainers are not OSHA personnel, they are authorized by OSHA to deliver Outreach training classes. Trainers may be authorized for General Industry, Maritime, Construction, or Disaster Site programs. EMDS offers the course for General Industry.

Unfortunately, a number of fraudulent trainers claim to provide OSHA training courses, either in person or online. However, unless an OSHA authorized outreach trainer conducts the training, the OSHA card will not be valid. To complete the OSHA outreach training and receive a legitimate OSHA card, choose a trainer from OSHA’s list of OSHA-authorized trainers who conduct 10- and 30-hour Outreach Training classes for your industry.

Is EMDS on the list of authorized trainers?

Yes, Summer Thompson is an authorized outreach trainer for OSHA 10 hour General Industry training and OSHA 30 hour General Industry training. Summer has an extensive background in safety training and project management within a manufacturing setting.

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U.S. Department of Labor Outreach Training Program (OSHA 10-Hour & 30-Hour Cards)