E&M Design Solutions Monthly Highlights – March 2020

Monthly Highlights

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E&M Design Solutions Monthly Highlights – March 2020

It’s March, and that means Spring is just around the corner, wrecked basketball brackets, and working from home.  Wait, what?

We’ve got lots of great ideas this month for productively and profitably weathering the Corona virus, the latest in Quality and Compliance, books we are reading this month, and a shameless plug for new services and training opportunities from E&M Design Solutions.

The Corona virus is taking over the world and wreaking havoc!  What can I do to maximize business profitability and employee productivity in the meantime?

No one knows how long this latest virus will last, or how much it will impact the United States – but the best business strategy is to be proactive versus reactive, and we have some ideas for you.

  • Work At Home.  We understand that not everyone has this luxury, but if you even think you might be getting sick, do your coworkers a favor, and work from home.  Additionally, many companies are sending employees home to work.  If this applies to you, make yourself a dedicated space to stay focused.  Check your WI-Fi to ensure that you can stay connected.  Be professional!  Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have to dress like it’s a snow day!    Keep connected with your boss and coworkers.  And finally, get up and move!  For additional ideas, we found a great article from GeekWire – worth the 5 minute read.
  • Do Something Different.  Having an unplanned lull in your normal craziness can be a blessing.  Is your team overdue for training?  E&M Design Solutions has lots of options for Virtual Classroom and On-Demand Training! One major benefit of virtual training?  You can train employees from multiple locations at the same time!  Maybe you are overdue for ISO or IATF or ISO internal auditor training, or have individuals in your production or design areas needing a refresh on Auto CAD or Shop Math.

What’s New with Quality and Compliance?

Personal Development

  • Business Books of the Month  This link goes to something else as well ft.com– 1). Upstream. The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen; 2). Leading with Gratitude; 3). Grow the Pie.  How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit.

New This Month from E&M Design Solutions

  • Managed Curriculum – Let us do the heavy lifting for you.  EMDS now offers creation, management and on-going maintenance of company-specific trainings.  We can create your company’s own custom learning portal.  Help brand and write curriculum and document the training progress of each of your employees by job title.  You don’t need to worry about how to control, track or maintain training in-house.  Everything is at your fingertips and maintained to meet your specific requirements.
  • New Courses – We have a host of new courses available to drive awareness, build or refresh skills and achieve Internal Auditor CertificationReview current course offerings and enroll now on our Training page, or send us an email at training@emdsmi.com.

We hope that you have a productive month!  Check back next month for more information, or better yet, Contact Us and we’ll add you to our email newsletter list.

Cheryl Lyttle and the E&M Design Solutions Team.

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