EMDS Owner Tells What it’s Like to Go Solo

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Summer Thompson, owner of E&M Design Solutions

EMDS Owner Tells What it’s Like to Go Solo

Business ownership has its benefits, and one of those is being featured on a website that gives insights into the business and those who own and manage them. That recently happened to us here at EMDS! 

Summer Thompson, owner and general manager of E&M Design Solutions, was interviewed by Go Solo, a digital magazine dedicated to helping people “go solo” and achieve work independence. The team contacted her to be part of their new interview series featuring Michigan business owners and coaches in management consulting. An entrepreneur story was then posted on the Go Solo website to reflect the interview.

“It was a lot of fun!” remarked Summer after the ordeal was over. “They made it pretty simple to participate. They must know we’re all very busy.”

The article has a nice format:

  • About EMDS and its customers
  • About Summer Thompson, the owner
  • What her biggest accomplishment was as a business owner
  • One of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner
  • Top tips for anyone looking start, run and grow a business today
  • Different places people can find EMDS – website and social media platforms, along with backlinks to the business

Check out Small but Mighty! – E&M Design Solutions to see how Summer responded to these topics. As a bonus, if you yourself have gone solo, there’s an invitation at the end of the article to complete a form and be considered for your own post on Go Solo!