Meet Our Team Members

Cheryl Lyttle – Owner/General Manager

Cheryl has translated her extensive knowledge base and experience into a successful and growing business entrepreneurship.  As Owner and General Manager, she steers the staff to achieve excellence in meeting the customer’s goals.  Cheryl desires to mentor new entrepreneurs by passing on lessons that she has learned through her “Purposeful Business” philosophy.

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Summer Thompson – Manager – Business Process/Project Manager

Summer manages safety, engineering and maintenance projects for our clients. She has a comprehensive background in project management within a manufacturing setting. Her role in the company involves the Management of Business Process, including end to end project management, Departmental Management Systems, HACCP coordination, internal auditing, audit preparation, industrial services systems and compliance.

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Beth Fias

Beth Fias – Office Manager

Beth keeps the company running smoothly in her multi-faceted role as Office Manager.  Drawing on her broad administrative and bookkeeping experience, she manages accounts payables/receivables, payroll and human resources.  In addition, she creates internal procedures and forms and is integral to the management team.

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emdsaug_2016_30-jennifer-closeupJennifer Bennett – Project Manager

Jennifer, a proven leader and mentor, is known for her dependability and resourcefulness in accomplishing her assignments, which have included the management of million dollar+ projects.  Her extensive background in the design of special machines and structural steel using CAD within the automotive industry fuels her creativity and leads to her “out of the box” solutions to challenging tasks.

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emdsaug_2016_38-don-chest-upDon Scholl – Project Manager/Designer

Don’s proficiency in the use of CAD software has set him apart as the “go to” person for drawings and design.  His working experience in process piping, architectural and structural steel design has proven to be an asset to our clients.  His attention to detail makes his field verification and research invaluable.  He strives to do his best to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.  In addition, he has extensive experience in construction and project management.

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emdsaug_2016_18-steve-closeupSteve Lyttle – Construction Manager

Steve applies the mechanical skills he gained as an equipment installer and his working experience as a construction crew manager to his position as Construction Manager.   As owner of his own construction business for many years, Steve is well qualified to remediate issues that arise in construction projects.  He tackles the daily issues, leaving the client free to carry on with the business at hand.

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  Hannah Pichner – Project Manager

Hannah utilizes her drive to leaqrn and engineering background to manage projects in a manufacturing setting.  She applies her           biosystems engineering education to perform a variety of tasks ranging from project management and process documentation to AutoCAD drawing management, redline incorporation, and creation.  She ensures that project development and implementation  are performed on time and fulfill the customer’s needs.

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Melissa Ansorge – Administrative Assistant

Melissa leverages her energetic nature and mechanical background to perform her administrative tasks in a manufacturing setting.  She utilizes her business management and marketing education to perform a variety of tasks from data management to internal marketing.  Her goal is to ensure that her work is performed accurately, on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.

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