Quality Management System Training

Quality Management System Training

ISO Overview – Executive Management

This session addresses methods to ensure the project supports the business goals of the company. Each of the applicable elements of the ISO Standard is defined with emphasis placed on Top Management’s role during implementation. The importance of commitment and what action that commitment will require for the Management group is discussed. Business goals are set and a system of measuring the success of the project is defined. Time is also spent discussing resource requirements for the project. Executives will have a clear picture of what is involved in the ISO / TS implementation and registration process. Learn More

ISO Overview—All Employee

Emphasis is placed on the importance of support and cooperation from all staff and each employee’s role in the implementation process. The requirements that apply directly to hourly personnel are explained. Case studies are presented that allow the class to work in groups to increase their ability to apply the requirements effectively. Learn More

Internal Auditor Training (Standard Specific)

This dynamic training course is designed to prepare participants to be effective Quality Management System auditors for their company. Case studies are utilized that require participants to apply the appropriate requirements to actual work place situations. The course consists of minimum lecture and is a hands on and participative learning experience. Learn More

Supplier Development and Control

When your company depends on the performance of another organization during the provision of customer service or product, it is imperative that know your supplier’s capability and capacity. This knowledge along with the ability to support and strengthen the supplier business relationship will increase the likelihood of your suppliers being a positive and profitable portion of your service to your customers. This program is designed to help your organization in their process of choosing and building lasting relationships with suppliers. The program consists of the following modules. Learn More

Root Cause Analysis

This course teaches a structured problem solving process where participants to use facts to identify the root of a problem and eliminate the possibility of recurrence. Participants learn root cause principles and methods and then apply what was learned to real company issues so that the principles can be effectively implemented within their organization. Learn More